“Made in Italy” Meets New York City

Valentino, Versace, Prada, Armani; do these names ring a bell? As we all know, Italy is the home of many famous designers and labels that dominate today’s international fashion industry. The “Made In Italy” brand is one that strives to show the greatness of Italy in its merchandising industries in its homeland, as well as beyond. So what exactly does Made in Italy mean? The products being manufactured are produced in Italy from the initial planning through the final steps of packaging and exportation. Fashion has become and continues to be a symbol of Italy and Italian culture throughout the world. Today, the “Made in Italy” brand continues to seek integration in the international marketplace. The United States is one of the most important markets for these visionaries seeking to expand globally.

The ENK Shows which most recently took place August 2-4 (2015) at the Jacob Javits Convention center in New York City served as an opportunity for up-and-coming and established companies to exhibit their designs. An international trade show it is made up of a series of shows including Circuit (accessories), Intermezzo (Woman’s fashion), Children’s Club, and FWD (Juniors). Many Italian companies participated and had the chance to showcase their collections.

One of the first companies that caught our eye was one with a slogan that read “100% Made in Italy”. Save My Bag,  a company based in Bergamo owned by a husband and wife, puts its pride in creating products fully manufactured in Italy. A line of bright handbags, they come in a variety of eye catching colors and styles. Most interesting of all, they can handle weight but are extremely lightweight made out of a non-stretch poly-lycra material. In addition, they are rain proof and can be easily tossed in the washer if they need to be cleaned. Currently over 300 stores carry these  worldwide, but can also be purchased online.





Showcasing their latest Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 collection at the Curve New York Expo, Trasparenze, exhibited top quality woman’s hosiery. They have stunning designs and patterns on socks, stockings, and tights (which is really exciting if you like receiving socks as gifts as much as I do!) Available in a variety of beautifully named colors such as Acqua, Amarena, and Ciclamina they are perfect for any occasion.

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Several other Italian companies took part in the show bringing forward their new seasonal collections for the upcoming year.  These include but are not limited to the follow:

Chio di Stefania D. focuses on luxurious Italian swimwear fully created and manufactured in Italy.

Chio Online

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Nana Nucci Italy

Nana Nucci Online


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