Student Experience: Stephanie Salales on Fashion Lab

My final individual fashion practice lab piece involved the taking of an old garment and recreating it into a new functional piece, allowing it a second life. Initially, the garment I was working with was an old denim dress I had laying around my house for a few years. It belonged to my older sister whom I have always been very close with. Like much of our clothes, as a middle child, I was always given hand me downs when my sister grew old of her clothes or they no longer fit her. Since a young age I would always try and find new ways to reinvent them to try and personalize and customize them to my liking (which often resulted in me accidentally destroying clothes, thinking I was a fashion designer in the making). With this dress specifically, my sister had loved it, however I on the other hand thought it was absolutely horrendous. I decided to cut it and create a corset inspired top. I cut the bottom piece from the top and used a shoelace to tie together the back of the shirt. I decided on this, because I felt that it fit more with my fashion choice and personality. I wanted to create something that I felt I would actually wear. As a result, I took a dress I would have never imagined myself wearing and created a functional garment that can be worn in the summertime. I also recreated a pair of old uniform pants into a pair of shorts with blue ribbon. Wearing uniform nearly my entire life, I realized that students almost always wanted to recreate their uniforms to reflect their own individuality. I used a blue ribbon to add a festive touch, and because blue is usually a school color representation in uniform. I felt that it made a simple boring pant into a transformed fun pair of shorts with an almost costume-like attribute.

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