Student Experience: Christian Gibbs on Fashion Lab

Written by: Christian Gibbs

I have decided to take a shirt that has been in my family for quite some time and use it to make what is called an “infinity” scarf. This shirt was worn by my father a VERY long time ago. The brand of the shirt is South Pole. This shirt was at first a booming brand. South Pole was worn by many people, especially worn in the African-American communities. Though it fell off after a while they still make clothing. This shirt though was created during the time where the fashion norm was baggy clothing. This shirt happens to be a 3x and my dad DEFINITELY was NOT a 3X and still isn’t (though I see him wearing 2X and XL still). My dad refuses to move with the fashion norm of fitted clothing. He says he will “never get used to it”. This shirt, after SouthPole became unpopular, became a shirt we (my 3 brothers and I) would wear it to sleep in. We actually have a name for those shirts and they are called “big-shirts” and that was the name used to signify that it was a shirt to sleep it. The name was created by my mom because the shirts were so big on us and still are. So she named them “big-shirts” as a communal title. Now this shirt has been turned from a childhood memory to a new scarf that can be worn for an infinite amount of time. So I guess I would like to give the scarf a name and it will keep its former name, “The Big Shirt”.

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