Fashion Lab at Queens College

     During the 2014 Spring Term students in Professor Paulicelli’s course, Reading Italy Through Fashion, Film, and Media, had the opportunity to engage in a series of projects that helped develop a better understanding of Italian fashion. Working individually each student had the chance to partake in a fashion lab both inside and outside the classroom. The assignment was to create an original garment of the students choice by re-inventing old materials. For example, creating a vest from an old jacket or turning an old pair of jeans into a hip tote bag. Students were urged to document the different stages of their work through writing, photos, and videos. Through the project students were able to express themselves through their creative decisions, as well as acquire new skills. Below there are images as well as excerpts written by students who particapted in the project:


Samantha Angelone who created the coin purse seen above stated:

“For my fashion lab practice, I created a coin purse out of the sleeves of my old denim jacket. By doing this, I created 2 new items out of 1 old item. Using the denim sleeves as my material helped give the coin purse a unique look which reflects that of a jean pocket. Using the button from the sleeve, I am able to securely close the coin purse so that it ensures no coins will fall out.This was my first time sewing, which is unfortunately evident.”